During the years, in my work as programmer I felt very often the need to be sided by a person who could substitute me in some production that were overlapping: that person should have the musical knowledge, the capacity to manage the keyboards and the softwares, a complete reliability and the versatility in finding the right solutions in works.  Only one person encloses in himself all these qualities, and many others.

Marco Caputo is the friend who, in 1987 allowed me to discover the computers world, and digital sampling and audio. He naturally became the obvious collaborator, a real "double", who was able to bring a very hy quality level to my activity of programmer, and to the many productions in which he worked.

Marco studied Electronics very deeply, he is an experienced guitarist, composer, arranger and musical producer, he was the pro audio consultant for italian firma Grisby Music, and the italian referent for the most important brands of professional digital audio, as Lexicon, Akai, Focusrite, Otari, Summit, Meyer.

He has been and still is lecturing in seminars about digital audio and video, even for broadcasting Rai and Mediaset, for the European Community and for many Italian Music Schools. He also is a professional webmaster and software developer, and this aspect is bringing a new life also in the activity of Sound programming for Opera. His always eager curiosity and his never ending quest for knowledge let him be always one step forward on every item of the new technologies, and his perfect ear, joined with a superb musical taste, make of Marco a real irreplaceable help.

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Marco with Daniele Tramontani in Stadio Olimpico, Rome, for “Tosca” (2000)

In Hannover for the same production of  “Tosca” on tour at “Expo 2000”

A great friendship and a great collaboration

Marco during the rehearsals of “Turandot” in Stade de France, Paris (2005)

Marco at the Stade de France, Paris, with the keyboards for “Turandot” (2005)